Thursday, September 23, 2010



I have a question for Kari about studying fashion journalism at LCF. I want to apply in December for that course, but please be honest, is it worth it?! Are you enjoying it/is it giving you good enough experience and insight into the fashion journalism industry?

A boring question I know, but I really want to do an english thats going to be influenced a lot by fashion, and its pretty inspiring when you see someone doing that course who also has a blog!

Thanks for reading my rambling, PLEASE keep up the good work with your blog, I'm a dedicated fan.


Dear Georgina,

Your question isn't boring at all, but I'm not sure I can answer you that well at the moment because the school starts next week! But trust me - DO IT INSTEAD OF REGRETTING YOU DIDN'T DO IT WHEN YOU'RE 50! AT LEAST THEN YOU'VE TRIED! I went to London partly because I was so sick being surrounded by people (I call them grey mice) who look at you as you're a freak if you dare to be different. In London, you can truly BE WHO EVER YOU WANT TO BE!

I went to London College of Fashion on tuesday to enroll. I got to meet Brenda Polan, the director of the Fashion Journalism course. Polan is a freelance for The Guardian and has a huge experience with the media and fashion. She has also been working as a journalist in The Financial Times. In other words - this is the best people from the industry in Europe (in my opinion) who teach in fashion! IT'S A PRIVILEGE FOR ME TO HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY.

Though I haven't started yet, I'm sure it's going to give me a lot of insight in the industry! When I start, I can give you a more detailed answer about the teaching part. But in my opinion, this is not an education or industry for people who like fashion - YOU MUST LOVE IT, FEEL IT AND DARE TO TOUCH IT!


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