Tuesday, December 28, 2010


One of the gifts I received for christmas, was this beautiful nail polish from Chanel. It goes with anything. Wearing burgundy red nail polish is sort of my statement these days.


Sunday, December 26, 2010



Would be amazing to wear these shoes from Alberto Guardiani for the upcoming christmas parties. They would rule the dance floor.


Saturday, December 25, 2010


(I promise, I was, and am, much more happy than what the first picture tells you!)

Christmas Eve was the perfect occasion for me to wear my dear YSL Tribtoos. And, if there is something called a chocolate consumption limit, I think I overrated it last night. Times ten.


Friday, December 24, 2010


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The Shoe Rapists wish you a delightful, food-filled, extraordinary, magical, enchanting and last but not least fashionable Christmas Eve! Put your prettiest dresses on and eat until it hurts. We hope all of you have been good this year, so that every single christmas wish of yours will come true. And if you are a shoe rapist like us, we hope your handsome prince has bought a pair of shoes for you (may we suggest Blahnik or Louboutin), because if he has, it's a sign he really knows what makes you happy! And of course, let him check if it fits!

Lots of love from Marthe & Kari

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Stockings from Topshop.

I added these stockings to my wish list a while ago, and Kari was so kind to buy them for me! I love them. There will be many perfect opportunities to wear them now that Christmas is just around the corner.


Friday, December 17, 2010


Coat: H&M, shoes: Acne, bag: ASOS, old pants: Gina Tricot, dark red lipstick: "Vamp" from Make Up Store.

Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to go.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


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The Norwegian snow is beautiful, but a fashionista's biggest enemy. However, now that I have my cherry hat I feel it's impossible to not dress up! It goes with everything.



I fell so hard for this cherry hat immediately after I saw Anna Dello Russo wearing it. The creator is Piers Atkinson for Alan Journo, but as it costs £250 and the fact that I'm a student - I have to improvise. I believe improvising is evidence of passion for fashion.

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"During the fashion tour, many people asked me why I was wearing my CHERRY or WATER MELON hat. Why not?” - ADR.

And this is my very own head band:

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To make it you need: two polystyrene balls(the bigger the BETTER!), red paint, needle and green thread, glue, one head band, string and a sheet of green rubber (naturally I chose the one with glitter). I bought all of it at the arts and crafts shop Panduro (they have a fab student discount on 15%).
To wear it you need: Desire! Gut! FUN!

Believe me, I'll mix the hat with an outfit and post it to you guys later.

Anyway. I can tell you that coming home for xmas was a delight. But of course, it's weird at the same time. My nieces have been changing a lot and it kills my heart that I haven't been here while they have. Seeing the warm faces of my mum and dad.. Indescribable. I believe I could write a whole book of the phenomenon coming home as a student, to your best friends and to a refrigerator that is full!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Old coat: H&M, shirt: second hand, cardigan: Weekday, leather pants: H&M, boots: Din Sko, ring: YSL.


Monday, December 13, 2010


Bright blue and sparkly! I really like this garment, it's perfect to spice up an outfit with a lack of colour. Bought it at a second hand store.



1. Wear a spectacular dress or skirt in a vivid colour. Get people to notice you when you enter a room!

2. Don't be afraid to wear an unusual shade of lipstick.

3. Accessorize! More is more during Christmas time.

4. Look for vintage or second hand treasures, or do as I often do; make something by yourself! It's soo boring if someone is wearing the same dress as you.

5. Use rare or special items to add the finishing touch. They can work great as an ice breaker too! What about wearing a headpiece similar to the ones Anna Dello Russo constantly wears?

6. If you really don't know what to wear, put on a little black dress. A bit cliché, but it works. At least 60 % of the guests at a chrismas party will probably wear black, so make sure to complete your look with a personal twist!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Occasionally I wish I was working in a coffee shop. Not a small, hidden and cozy one, but one that is popular and busy with loads of customers. Located on the corner of a crowded street in some metropole. Why? Because of all the rare and interesting people my curious eyes get to see during the day. Earlier this year I read an article published in British Elle, written by a guy who worked in a coffee shop. In this article he wrote that he used to analyze all the people stopping by the shop, and gaze at them and their clothing. Working as a barista doesn't sound too exciting, but to observe people and their personal styles all day.. That sounds like fun, not to mention inspirational.

I have always been intrigued by creative and out-of-the-box-thinking individuals. Intrigued by what they are wearing. Why they are wearing what they wear. What reason that decided their choice of outfit. Was it their mood? The weather? This season's trends? Their personal state of mind? Their culture? Maybe they were in a rush and just threw on whatever was on the floor. Only they can know. It would have been amusing to ask a certain amount of people working in the fashion industry how they think when they are putting together an outfit in the morning. I wonder how different our brains work when we get dressed. Personally, I have to plan my every day outfits the night before I wear them. I usually end up looking like a hobo otherwise.

Anyone can get dressed up to a party or a special event, but it is more exciting to see what people are wearing on a daily basis. From my point of view, many elderly people have this certain skill to look casual but cool. It doesn't matter where they are going or what they are doing, they just want to look presentable. Like in the old days, when women wore dresses and hats and men wore classic trench coats every single day. When I was visiting London and sat on the train from Heathrow towards the centre of the city, I noticed this several times. I can remember this old man sitting across me. He was wearing a dark grey blazer and black pants. A pretty basic outfit. But, in the gap between his shoes and his pants, a pair of colourful woolen socks popped out and made his whole outfit look much more interesting.

If you take a good look around, you can find great style everywhere. There is no longer a dress code, a correct answer, for what you can wear or not. Unless you are a total trend whore/slave, but following all the trends at all times will just make you look like you're trying too hard. That will not create style. Style is created by confidence, and by people who believe in themselves. Most importantly; Do not care about what other people may say or mean. The worst thing I hear is "I can't buy that, I don't dare to wear it". That will only make you appear as an insecure person. And insecurity is not attractive. Why? Because you will seem like a weak person. Do you want to be weak? No? That's what I thought. Clothes definitely make the man. And woman, of course.



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I found this jacket for only £10 at Portobello Market the other day. I like it!

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My extraordinaires Anna-Karin and Alex in Hyde on sunday. We went to Winter Wonderland.

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And then, after walking around in Knightsbridge i felt like as I suddenly died as we came to the place I most likely will go to after death:

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And then Café Rouge for coffee and tea. This was my last sunday in London for this term.

And I have to show you what I got at the Lanvin for H&M launching:

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See through jacket and necklace. I LOVE it. Alber Elbaz is really a star.

Im going home to Norway this week, will be so much fun seeing all of my wonderful friends and family. Especially my nieces. I have to show you what I bought them for christmas later! And one of them has taught herself to say my name. That's really a good reason going home for, because HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS.

Kari x

Monday, December 6, 2010


A lot of red thread, six meters of tulle and a couple of days later, this is the result! The skirt came out exactly how I wanted it to be. Big, bold and poofy. Now I just have to wait for the weekend to arrive!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


My new YSL ring finally arrived today! The perfect early christmas present from me to me.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Ah, how I miss summer during these horrendously cold days. I miss this DIY skirt as well.. Was so pleased with it. That is, I still have it, but I wore it at a party once.. And it sort of died. Too bad. Anyway, I'm going to start on a new DIY project very soon! It will consist of a lot of red tulle. Six meters to be exact. Can't wait to show you when it's done!



Måtte du ta IELTS-test? Isåfall, var den vanskelig? Hvordan er den?
Did you have to take the IELTS test? Was it hard? How is it?

Yes, I had to take the IELTS as English is not my mother tongue. It was absolutely necessary to practice, either way if you are an English professional or beginner, because you have to learn its structure and tasks in advance. The biggest challenge is the time, as you have to divide the tasks in both time and difficulty. They get harder and harder eventually. But if you practice - it’s not hard at all! You just have to buy a practice book, I believe its called target 7. You are supposed to practice 4 weeks before the test, but I practiced only two weeks before and I managed it well. Fashion Journalism at LCF requires 7, increased from last year when it was 6.5.

Hva spurte de om på intervjuet? Hvor lenge varte det?
What did they ask about on the interview? How long did it last?

As I’m an international student, we had to do the interview over the telephone. They asked about my strengths, my weak sides, my experiences and my relationship to fashion. Even over phone, I was really nervous! But the lady I spoke to was really nice, though my fellow student had a really bitchy man as interviewer. However, remember - if they are bitchy, they only want to check if you can handle it and if you have the attitude! So don’t go down thinking you can't to it, just turn on your hornets and fight. This is what you want most in the world, show it!

Hvordan er det å alltid måtte snakke engelsk?
How is it to speak English all the time?

In the beginning it was hard, especially when talking to teachers and other authorities. But now, I don’t think much about it. As I live with two other Norwegian girls, I talk a lot of Norwegian as well. But eventually the English vocabulary develop, trust me, and you will get more confident after a while.

Er miljøet/lærerne på skolen bra?
How is the environment and the tutors at uni?

I’ve heard earlier students saying they didn’t like their fellow students that well, and that the tutors don’t give a lot of themselves in the classes. But from my point of view, it’s totally the opposite. Probably it has to do with your luck or not! I’ve been really, really lucky with my class, and I’ve found great friends here who I appreciate so much. We do not compete, we rarely speak about fashion (when you study fashion, you sometimes get enough of it), we go out for drinks and we share thoughts. There is nothing bitchy about us at all, as people say fashion is a bitch. I guess it is in the industry, but not in my great, lovable fashionable group of friends. The tutors are very nice as well, and if they are bitchy, you just learn how to deal with it. But most of them are great, and oh so frrreaking talented. They are in contact with haute couture, so I respect them very much, and most of them seem to respect us as well of course. So far we have had only one bitchy tutor, a male one, but as he was extremely talented, I really just enjoyed him and accepted his rude humour :o) It’s people like him that makes some days more spicier, and I love days like that.

Hva slags oppgaver får dere på skolen? Har dere eksamen?
What kinds of assignments do you have? Do you have exams?

Our assignments are really fascinating and interesting. At least I think so. We had one assignments on a Fashion news feature, one broadcast analysis, one magazine analysis and one analysis of a picture or object at an exhibition, including small ones, basically reflective pieces where we write our opinion on the tasks. We learn a lot of target readership, we have to know our audience very well and understand the essential importance of a magazines/publications target readers. We do not have exams, but the deadlines on the big hand in days are as strict as an exam. If you deliver them one day late, you have to do the unit all over again.

Er det slik at man kan utdype seg i et viss felt på 2.- eller 3.-året?
Can you do a specialized course on the second or third year?

I really don’t know, but I don’t think so. I haven’t heard anything about that, sorry.

Hvor mye penger hadde du med deg da du dro?
How much money did you have when you left?

Around 15.000 NOK. When establishing you need it, there are so many unforeseen taxes and bills. I paid rent for two months on this amount as well, If I remember it right. And there are pairs of shoes who are looking for a mother and flat to rent as well… Yes, many temptations when getting to know a new city.

Er London fantastisk?
Is London amazing?

What an amazing question. Yes, London is really amazing. What’s outside my door tomorrow? I have no idea! This city is unexpected, never boring and on some special days I’m head over heels in love. It’s getting serious, Me and London. Clubbing, shopping, exhibitions, parks, the food, you name it, the alternatives are thousands, and as I live in Queensway, which is known as a cosmopolitan street, I can choose from Thai, Italian, Chinese, Liberian, Moroccan, English, Japanese, Persian etc food. I love it and London please me very well as a city to study in.

Hvordan foregår det mtp. på lån? Må du tilbakebetale alt?
How is the loan fund situation? Do you have to pay it all back?

We get 202.000 nok each year. They divide it per term, so we get 101.000 nok from September to December, and the same from January to June. The school is about 115.000 nok every year, but they give us the chance to divide it in half, so we pay 60.000 nok each term. It leaves you around 42.000 nok to live for, but the term from January to June is longer than the first. I’ve burned me on this. For next term I will apply for a job, probably in a vintage store. We have to pay it back, but if you pass on your assignments/exams, around 15.000 nok will be considered as scholarship.

I hope my answers are satisfactory, and if you still have any questions dont hesitate to ask me. Remember that if you really want to work with fashion, you have big chances getting in at LCF, especially if you're an international as you pay big amounts of money. Good luck!

Ukari x