Monday, December 13, 2010


1. Wear a spectacular dress or skirt in a vivid colour. Get people to notice you when you enter a room!

2. Don't be afraid to wear an unusual shade of lipstick.

3. Accessorize! More is more during Christmas time.

4. Look for vintage or second hand treasures, or do as I often do; make something by yourself! It's soo boring if someone is wearing the same dress as you.

5. Use rare or special items to add the finishing touch. They can work great as an ice breaker too! What about wearing a headpiece similar to the ones Anna Dello Russo constantly wears?

6. If you really don't know what to wear, put on a little black dress. A bit cliché, but it works. At least 60 % of the guests at a chrismas party will probably wear black, so make sure to complete your look with a personal twist!


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