Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I love to read Anna Dello Russo's rule lists! Inspired by my fashion idol, I wrote a tip list for ya people who consider to study fashion.

1. If you don’t know who you are/shy/bad at targeting yourself - you have nothing to do in the fashion industry.

2. Don’t go into your fashion degree with a bitchy attitude among your fellow students. You still have got a lot to learn - so learn from each other. There will be plenty of other time being a bitch in your further fashion career.

3. Your tutors are holy. They are in contact with Haute Couture.

4. If you are staring at your fellow students outfit of admiration - SMILE so he or she knows that you adore it instead of pity it.

5. Evil jealousy is a sign of weakness - that does not a confident fashion enthusiast make.

6. You have to be an innovator. Outfits; people will easily notice if you’ve seen your whole outfit BEFORE YOU HAD THE GUT TO PUT IT ON YOURSELF. About essays; copying is as illegal as bad fabrics at Fashion Week. YUK.

7. Be humble. You know nothing. Yet.

8. You can have a fabulous designer bag. Nobody will care - IT TAKES MORE THAN THAT. Louis Vuitton logos head to toe is not passion for fashion, it's desperate.

9. When boring; flirt with your clothes and your school day will be like a date.

10. Have fun, fashion is not only for serious matters!

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Picture taken by my fabulous room mate - Alexandra


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