Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So, my feet are standing on Norwegian ground again. Boring. London was beyond amazing! It was like being on another planet. The citizens there were so much more nice than Norwegians, and they didn't hesitate at all to give random people compliments. It felt so unusual to me, since I'm very used to getting weird looks. That was actually one of the things I missed about Norway! The "you-look-like-a-freak-looks" (They really amuse me). People here don't gaze at you in an ugly way if you're standing out. I think I've found out where I belong now, and I'm really topped up with new inspiration! You should look forward to loads of London updates, but in the meantime you can fasten your eyes on this;

Kari is no longer the only one with a secret from YSL. To be continued..


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