Thursday, November 18, 2010


I was actually planning to show you what I wore earlier today, but now that Kari posted the most fabulous outfit ever, I think I'll pass. (Only had like 3 seconds to get dressed this morning, and the temperature is way below zero at the moment, so the outfit wasn't exactly that inspiring or special anyway). That is why I'll just post the most exciting thing I wore today; my shoes!



  1. Those shoes are really nice! :D
    I lovey our blog, you have so lovely photos and your style is awesome ;D

    Hugs, Sheila
    from Sweden

  2. æææææsj snø! men fine sko da, you know it

  3. Thank you so much, Sheila!

    Snø er fiint, Alex <3 Så lenge den ikke er der frem til mai.

  4. Oh i have those shoes in blue! I though i should put them away during the winter(i must do that with almoust all my shoes when the snow comes..). But now when i see someone wear them i must ask how they are on snow? Are they not slippery?

  5. I went to a shoemaker who attached some sort of rubber sole to the original sole, so no, they aren't particularly slippery :-) I can easily wear them on snow!