Thursday, November 25, 2010


What do you do when it's minus twenty degrees outside? I have big problems with getting dressed when it's as insanely cold as that. Every morning in the last couple of days, I basically just have been throwing half of my closet on before I leave te house. Makes me feel like a hybrid between a hobo and a snowman. Bad. I think I have some sort of style crisis at the moment. Even worse. Luckily christmas is coming up! Have bought myself an early christmas present as well, I'll show it to you as fast as it arrives. Hint: Yves Saint Laurent.

By the way, forgot to show you this dotted shirt I bought a while ago! Got it from a secondhand store.



  1. That's why i hate winter, you can wear a nice outfit and it just gets hidden by coats and cardigans! if i could have it my way it would be summer all year long xx

  2. Yeah, you're totally right about that! The snow is cozy though, but the cold..not so much.