Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BEST OF 2010

Favourite purchase(s): Impossible to choose just one! My YSL Tribtoos, Acne Admire shoes and blue YSL ring.

Favourite impulsive purchase: Definitely my camel coat from H&M. It has to be the most worn garment in my closet.

Favourite DIY: My red tulle skirt and grey suede clutch!

Favourite make-up: All my nail polishes from Chanel, and red lipstick. I wore a lot of red lipstick in 2010.



  1. your blog is really gorgeous and I love your shots!
    check out my blog ;)

  2. The red skirt is so amazing, how did you make it so pouffy? (-:

  3. Thank you! :-) Well, I just used a lot of fabric!