Monday, February 21, 2011


I know there has been a huge lack of posts by me lately, but due to Fashion Week and my internship at Mary Katrantzou I've been exhausted when I have arrived home at 12 pm in the lasts days! André Leon Talley said once "Fashion is not art, it's hard work!", and I guess that rings true looking back on these days, where I have been witness of the intense work of the designers and sewing mistresses. I have experienced so much in such a short time, I feel utterly privileged to see this side of the industry. Finally, tomorrow at 09.45 am the show will run, and I assume I will finally see my HERO Anna Dello Russo on the front row. Of course by a sneak peak from the back stage. Afterwards im finally going to The Somerset House, the official Fashion Week house, to see the fashionable people and feel the fashion spirit. I will be wearing a PINEAPPLE on my head.

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Being a student in Lovedon forgetting to have fun would be horrifying though. Last thursday I went to Maddox with some girlies from my class. I actually met the Norwegian footbaal player John Carew at here once. I like this club! old picture with Estionian fashionista Liisa Ennuste on my right

Fashion wishes, and I promise to come back stronger in a few days


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