Saturday, April 16, 2011


..Dressing up, no matter what occasion.

..The smell of fresh, black coffee. Even though I rarely drink coffee.

..Getting compliments from total strangers.

..The blissful feeling after purchasing a pair of very expensive shoes.

..Replaying a nice song over and over again.

..Getting inspired by random people on the street.

..Deep conversations.

..Baking brownies, and then eat about half the cake by myself.

..Watching classic Disney movies.

..Receiving gifts, with a personal card attached.


..Visiting vintage shops to look for old treasures.



  1. Once read, i felt as if i was encaptured in a blissful, etheral fantasy; entriched with all things a dream wonderland may only have as contents...brownies, vintage and classic disney movies just about highlight the main and most vital features in which seperates it from daily life....Love this post.

    X Neda X