Thursday, April 21, 2011


I know I have been telling you earlier that I love this fashion season, mainly because of its bold and unexpected color combinations. I basically love all fashion seasons, especially the Miu Miu line, but this season is truly spectacular. I read an article about Miuccia Prada herself in the February issue of UK Vogue (Im not 100% sure it was February), and I remember a quote that comes to my mind everytime I watch a Miu Miu show/ad; "Her biggest inspirations can be something she finds ugly or that she hates". Odd, but fascinating, and that is what makes her MIUCCIA PRADA!

I consider Prada as a designer that has the ability to have fun with what she is doing, her line MIU MIU so childish but with a serious and subtle undercurrent! MIU MIU was her nickname in her childhood by the way, a correlation in terms of the line's childish approach.

This swan dress is my favourite!

I have some very exciting DIY projects ongoing. But first lets celebrate EASTER. Im going to the mountains and afterwards to our sea house. I wish you a FASHIONABLE YELLOW holiday!

backstage from spring/summer collection 2011 at


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  1. Fine pics Kari! Glede mæ t å sje dæ snart. CANT WAIIIIT!