Saturday, June 4, 2011


Should reflect his business moral.

After I moved to London, I have learned (by Julian, who else?) that it's not only the Italians who can do fine hand made leather shoes. I envy men with the English brand CHURCH'S shoes. They look so brilliant and fun. As the company says itself - "Church’s shoes are beyond fashion. The great men’s styles such as Oxfords and brogues never date, although colours and details may vary from season to season" they happen to remain so immortally classy.

THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A MAN IN A GOOD SUIT AND A PAIR OF CHURCH'S. And when I notice a man who matches his socks with his tie, I'M SOLD. Why? Because not only does it mean he has got an eye for success, but an eye for DETAILS. It reveals CONFIDENCE!

And, If I had the money...

I would definitely take knowledge of the gents and ADR and buy myself these - by Church's!


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