Friday, January 7, 2011


One of the most magnificent gifts I got for christmas was the one To me from me. I bought myself the whole DVD collection of Pippi Longstocking, who really, really amuses me. She's not aiming to be a fashion icon to her audience, but to me she is the most fashionable child ever created. Even though she's fictional she is the most alive person I've ever seen. If you ask me, being a fashion icon isn't really much about what you wear. It's about your imagination behind it, your attitude and your creativity. Pippilotta Viktualia Rullegardine Krusemynte Efraimsdatter is, and will forever remain, MY NUMBER ONE FASHION MUSE.


Wherever she goes, she does a fashionable and proud arrival.

Her clothing. She does the opposite of expected.

Her oh so fashionable resident Villa Villekulla. If I buy myself a house in the future it will look like Pippi's. (It will be hard to find a man who deals with me.)

Her fashionable and loyal friends Tommy and Annika

Her unusual pets, the monkey Mr. Nilsson and her kitchen located horse Gubban. (This is precious to me as I hate usual pets like cats and dogs. UGH.)

The fashionable way she sleeps - the opposite of expected. And her way too big shoes due to having the possibility to shake her toes. (Lol.)

The fashionable way she's watering her flowers in the rain, because if she has decided to do something she does it either way.

Her fashionable bag of golden coins which she got of Captain Efraim, her dad.

Her fashionable ability and imagination to go into other roles.

The fashionable way she buys the whole candy shop.

Her fashionable generosity, when mixing all kinds of medicine together to children in the slums, sending it through a sewer

When she arranges fashionable parties she does it properly and whole hearted.

She is the most fashionable strongest girl in the world.

Her fashionable teeth which is strong enough to eat nails.

The fashionable way her father let her do what she wants all the time.

Her fashionable adventures.

In general, her way of life.



  1. Kari, could you post more outfit-photos in the future? You're such a colour bomb, and that's really inspiring for a grey mouse like me..